A Firey Hot Love Letter to My Clients.

Love is like a friendship caught on fire.  In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

– Bruce Lee

Today I wrote a love letter to those of you brave to enter the client kingdom of creative transformation that is Fire Tree Studios.  After 10 years of coaching, mentoring, teaching, facilitating and training clients and students I have evolved the most effective way to engage with me at Fire Tree… and to get the very best of me and what the Fire Tree Method has to offer.

This letter is also inspired by my longtime mentor, Dorothy Divack, my work with Randi Buckley in her incredible course, Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.   Her next session starts Friday!  (to listen to my interview with her on Fire Tree LIVE click here) And also Leoni Dawson’s brilliant blog post on How Not to Get Fired as My Client which I found equally hilarious… as inspiring.

Please know that this love letter’s purpose is to serve you in the highest loving context and comes from the depths of my heart and soul and will be required reading for all current and future clients in any of my programs:

Dear Creative Wise Wo/man,Music-Girl-First-Love-Fire-Wallpaper

I am so excited to begin our collaboration!  Our relationship is undoubtedly a divine appointment and I want you to know that I hold it as sacred, creative, life changing work.  We will move mountains together.  We will open ourselves up to create miracles. We will transverse through transformative creative fires and into the alchemical gold that is our potential, together.  Please know that I whole-heartedly support you in claiming your authentic truth, power, vision and dreams.

I invite you to read and agree to the following guidelines as how to best make use of collaboration and work together.  Feel into each one with your heart, mind, and body.  Let them enter every cell of your being like a prayer and sacred intention that guides you into your deeper knowing.

  • Be willing and courageous to look beyond your excuses.  They are what hold us back and keep you ‘safe’ and sometimes stuck, in your current expression and comfort zone. If you want to evolve into your next level of growth, please be willing to gently be curious about your resistance and what is no longer serving you now.
  • Be brave and willing to feel all of your feelings (the juice of your transformative fire) and breath through any discomfort to experience release and relief, let old baggage go and open yourself up to joy.
  • Be fully willing to commit, implement and take action on all coaching opportunities guidance, tools and experiences. I am showing up fully to meet you in the most powerful way. My heartfelt desire is for you to meet me there too.  I will refrain from chasing you down for missed appointments, payments or other commitments.  You will get one notification from me or someone on my team. If you are unable to respond within 24 hours our agreement will go into termination.  This may seem severe and it is necessary as I hold your success (as you definite it) as very very severe.
  • Be on time to all scheduled sessions and retreats.  This is for you.  This honors you and me and our commitment together (and the group if applicable).  Of course there is always room for flexibility if needed and what is good for you is often good for me too. I honor flow.  Please keep in mind, if this feels like it becomes a pattern; please know that I will address it with honesty and compassion.
  • Desire to be self-accountable to all of our agreements and communicate or re-negotiate when an agreement can not be honored.  Agreements are designed to support you in thriving in your optimum potential. They also honor my needs so you get the very best of me and my work.
  •  Please honor all of your financial commitments and timelines with me.  This is a testament to your purpose, intentions and priorities and our agreement is the container for your transformation.  They are like guideposts holding you accountable to your vision.  Honor this structure and it honors you, the investment is eternal.  Trust me on this.
  • You are responsible for the energy you bring to this experience.  If you feel that this investment is going to gift you some miracle cure you are grossly mistaken.  This will challenge every cell of your being to grow into the woman that you are destined to be.  It is my sacred honor and grateful heart to support you on this journey.  You will get out of it, what you consistently put into it.  The clients that receive the most benefit make our work together a daily priority.
  • Please be kind and compassionate with yourself.  Our conscious collaboration and relationship exchange is re-wiring your experience of relationship on a cellular level.   This will root within you a foundation for equal relationship in all of your life’s relationships.  It requires honesty with yourself and me ( and my honesty to you) so please be kind and extra gentle within yourself as we navigate and birth a new way of being…together.  This will open and expand your heart to hold a love within and without greater than you have ever known. I guarantee it.
  • Please be kind and compassionate with me and everyone on my team or in our group if this applies.  As we move through blocks, unprocessed emotions, dis-empowered thoughts and feelings there can be a tendency to want to project this on to our relationship or others.  This urge is totally normal.  Reactive behavior is not. If this does come up for you, let’s talk about it.  It is a sacred gateway and if used consciously can provide an incredible opening into your greater expression of Self.
  • You are responsible for your experience and results. If you feel you are lacking something from me or need something I have yet to provide, it is up to you to speak up and ask for it.  This space is for you to empower your own voice. Although I am very intuitive, I also leave ample space for you to intuit your own needs and desires in order to be fully self-responsible and step into your full power and potential.
  • The Creative Process is active, alive and leads in our work together.  This lends itself to a very dynamic and engaging experience where you will learn to trust yourself, the Creative Life Force and Divine nature of all things.  The Fire Tree Method is a framework that guides our process and yet the Creative Life Force leads.  It keeps our focus on the power and potential in the present moment and life becomes an active ingredient in our mutual transformation.
  • Email is always the best way to communicate with me.  Please know that I will get back to you within 24-48hrs. And sometimes I will be unable to respond to every email. Please know that I read them all, so if you need to send and email update for pure processing and sacred witnessing, know that I *see* you. If you need immediate assistance or request a fire session as offered in our agreement, please call 512.524.0687.
  • I am unable to tolerate negativity or abuse in my life or business.  I am unable to work with people who throw bombs or any negative energy toward me.  If you show up in this way, I will be unable to continue our work together and your agreement with me will be terminated without a refund.  I am unable to engage with toxic behaviors of any kind and will gracefully remove it from my Universe.  My intention is to create a safe, loving space that fosters creativity, full-self expression, and the expansion of consciousness, abundance and self-empowerment FOR ALL. If you resonate with this, great—let’s party. If not, my apologies we are not a fit at this time.
  • I am a very wise, creative, compassionate loving intuitive guide and facilitator with years of training, experience and my own personal spiritual awakening.  While I am a trained psychotherapist, I am not your therapist or your mother …or father.  We may strengthen your inner team during our work together on the road through spiritual, psychological and emotional maturity and it is your job to grow this within yourself and get additional support if needed. I have a ton of referrals of great folks and a team of people that support me.  Just ask.
  • Please refrain from copying my work. Thrilled that it inspires you, and if you want to share with your peeps, please quote and reference me in full creative copyright ethics.  Practice good creative Karma.  Honor your own divine creativity, abundance—that eternal source-full creative well of yours. I know you have big things to create, let me support you in that.  Or enroll in my training program and license The Fire Tree Method curriculum. You don’t have to re-create the wheel can gain the experiential knowing, training, freedom and license to express it in your own YOUnique way.  Join our team and inner circle.  We are transforming the world one paint stroke at a time.
  • If this resonates with you, at this time –wonderful lets create magic and miracles.  IF not, that is OK too.  I love you anyway.  I trust that if it does…we are destined to collaborate and be/do/create great things in this lovely world together.

If you agree to these guidelines, I guarantee our work together will be profound and the most crucial investment of time, money and energy of your life.

Let’s rock it together and set the world a flame.

With love, appreciation and deepest respect,

p.s. If this letter inspires you to rock it!  Let’s jam. I am currently opening my private mentoring practice to take on a few aligned clients.  And offering a Spring Special for 6 introductory sessions through May 1st.  Contact me for further inquiry.  512.524.0687.

What’s your pleasure?



When you’re stuck and things are less than flowing…have you ever thought– ” This sucks, what would make me feel good?”


Actually I started feeling a bit of this when righting this blog post! I was like…OK I need to shift this cause I am starting to get anxious about my upcoming retreat this weekend and how we have two spaces left and I really want some wonderful woman to know how amazing this experience is and to gift it to herself!  I was all up in my head,  and began to stress about it then…bam!  I thought immediately…what is my pleasure?  What would feel really good to me right now?


I just returned from LA where I attend a women’s business immersion on The Feminine Art of Manifesting with Rose Cole and Gina Devee at the Huntley in Santa Monica.  It was part biz – part spiritual retreat- part healing the collective repressed feminine line in all of us.  And it was at a cool funky boutique hotel in Santa Monica.

Yes it was powerful.  Yes it was intense.  Breakthroughs were had by all.  Epiphanies transcended.  Love and light Reborn. Life long connections and collaborations were made.  And yet the question of the weekend was what is your pleasure…?  Do you have enough pleasure in your life?  Are you connected to joy and beauty and FLOW? As a women entrepreneur this is a whole new way of doing business.  It aint’ the way of the past where it was all about action, sweat and tears with little strategy and vision and the most important ingredient:  JOY!

Themes that showed up for most of us were around what blocks us from manifesting joy to giving permission to live in our hearts true desire.  Such as believing we aren’t worthy to have what we truly want, family patterns and karma, LB’s (limiting beliefs) that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns of fear and self-sabotage learning to receive deeply and trust in the Creative Source at a much deeper level, when you are creating a much bigger life.


What I loved so much about being with these wonderful powerful women healers, teachers, and coaches from around the world is that we are all facing the same dance with our unconscious mind, learning to re-program our thinking and lead with our hearts so we may learn to evolve ourselves and support the evolution of others to we can create a better place for us, our children and all living things on this planet.


And to think…it all starts with pleasure and permission, allow yourself to receive the joy, beautify and juiciness that life and love have to offer.


We still have two spaces left for the Wild Woman retreat this weekend.  Give yourself permission to explore what pleases you.  What feels good.  Go ahead.  You’re worth it.





Can you RECEIVE it?


How do you receive love in your life?  Praise? Recognition? Joy?  Transformation?


Yesterday I received one of the most beautiful testimonials from a client and friend.  I was having one of those days where I was surfing my own edges —questioning everything—all my choices (yes, I have those moments too! –although they are less frequent and shift quickly) and I received the following email from a client.  I was so moved to tears, it brought me right back to my own purpose —it was so beautifully written and well explained about how our collaboration had benefited her to IGNITE HER LIFE…that I had to share.


So with her permission I am sharing her story with you…


Margaret and I working on my metal clay charm at the Martha's Vineyard Retreat

When I began working with Melissa five months ago, I was battling several years’ worth of depression, unhappiness, grief, inertia, fear, and loss of self-esteem, following the loss of both my parents and my job as a successful digital marketing strategist. I was having difficulty gaining closure about my parents’ deaths. I was angry and resentful that my “glory days” were behind me, and I was unable to accept the possibility of new, positive opportunities (much less to explore or create them). I had no energy or motivation to do even pleasurable activities, such as designing and creating jewelry (which I also do professionally). I was simply stagnating without focus, direction, or optimism.


Melissa and I met roughly fifteen years ago, when we worked together at an interactive agency, and have been dear friends ever since. However, we had been out of touch for quite a while, and when we reconnected a year ago we both shared the dramatic changes in our lives since that last time we had chatted. I was totally awed by Melissa’s decision to create an entirely different life and to figure out, go for, and get the life she wanted, and incredibly proud of her. I wished wistfully that I had her guts, focus and determination, but when she first encouraged me to engage her as my life coach, I was very resistant. I had little faith that anything or anyone could help me escape the dark place in which I had been stuck for several years, and I was extremely fearful about the precarious state of my finances. Melissa also invited me to be a surprise guest at one of her creative retreats to introduce her clients to working with precious metal clay, and after this brief but compelling exposure to her facilitation style, the opportunity to work with her seemed like my best hope for finding clarity, focus, and passion again. Thanks to her continued encouragement, love and support, I made the difficult and scary decision to invest in a coaching engagement with her. The experience turned out to be fundamentally life-changing and valuable beyond any financial measure.


Melissa is an extraordinarily gifted coach, mentor and life guide. Our work together over the past five months has transformed my life more profoundly and in more ways than I possibly could have imagined when I started on this journey with her. She has helped me to appreciate and embrace self-love, self-care, self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-validation, self-trust, self-empowerment and self-responsibility. She inspired me to transform my fundamental perspective from one of lack to one of infinite abundance. She has helped me listen to my own voice and my own needs, and has enabled me to experience the freedom that comes from letting go of resentments, excess “stuff”, outdated perceptions – anything that no longer serves my highest potential. She has gifted me with the joy of awareness, acceptance and gratitude for my life and its many blessings. She has helped me to understand, appreciate, and use the power of letting go of the past, of being fully present, and of living with intention. She has taught me to pay attention to any powerful negative emotions, to practice detachment, and to transform self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions into self-empowering ones. She has helped me to understand my inner family and to engage those three aspects of myself in healthy and synergistic interactions that I can trust and call on to support my well-being.


Most importantly, perhaps, Melissa has made me aware of my connection to the Universe and to the infinite wellspring of energy and creativity inside me that I can tap into as much as I need to, as often as I need to, to support my needs, desires, and ability to share my gifts. She has taught me to own my value and helped me to reconnect to my passionate nature. She has inspired a pervasive “attitude of gratitude” in me. She has given me tools that support ongoing purposeful growth and ever-renewing commitment to creating the life I desire and deserve.


Melissa has known intuitively when to encourage me, when to challenge my excuses and hold me accountable for my choices, and when to honor and reinforce my commitment, determination and achievements. She has succeeded in breaking through the very tall and thick walls behind which I had barricaded myself for years and has pulled me firmly but lovingly back out into the light and into my life. In just five months, she has helped me progress from despair to optimism, from apathy to passion and zest, from lack to abundance, from avoiding responsibility to embracing it, from self-criticism to self-validation, and our work together has strengthened my relationship with my husband and helped him to make fundamental mental, emotional and spiritual shifts as well. Her wonderful wisdom, guidance, love and support have been invaluable, and I feel incredibly blessed to have been the fortunate recipient of them. I will be grateful to her forever for helping me to transform my experience of life so profoundly and positively.


If you are even considering the possibility of working with Melissa through any of her fabulous offerings, I urge you to stop thinking about it and just figure out how to make it happen! This investment will be the gift of a lifetime to yourself, to the people you love, and to those who love you.


Sending you much love and wishing you much JOY!

Margaret Schindel, Boston Ma








So are you ready to join Margaret and breakthrough to courage?  Are you ready to IGNITE YOUR LIFE?

If so….. take a chance and trust yourself to discover the many ways you can get into your passion and freedom at the studio!


If you are wanting to let go of your past and the inner ‘tapes’ that keep you stuck in your life from experiencing what you want, I am currently available to serve 1:1 clients and have some openings for people that are READY and willing to invest and commit to creating transformation in your life. I promise you that it will be fun, challenging at times and …massively creative!

Please contact me at 512.524.0687 or email melissa{at}firetreestudios{dot}com for further inquiry.

with love + passion + creativity,



The Art of Creation: Intro to Intuitive Painting

TAP into your own creative authenticity in a painting class this Saturday!

Saturday May 12, 2012
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Spend an afternoon awakening and nourishing your creative spirit by immersing yourself in over three hours of exploration, expression, play and deep surrender. The Saturday painting session welcomes continuing students and first time painters, providing a space to journey through barriers of old patterns and stagnant, less=than serving beliefs that keep you from tapping into the internal well of creativity, power and life force energy that is within you.


  • Investment: $ 75.00


3 Ways to register:

  1. Call the studio at 512 524 0687
  2. Email melissa{at}firetreestudios{dot}com
  3. Sign up on our website via pay pal by clicking the button below (cash, checks & credit cards also accepted).



The Phoenix Rising Experience: Breakthrough to Passion Purpose and Prosperity!

If you are ready to dive in and commit to a group intensive of letting go of your past with peace, reclaiming your power and

essential Self, identifying your life purpose and passion…. then this 3 month training is for you!  Begins in May!



To inquire, and receive an application, contact Melissa.




Winter Weekend Intuitive Painting Retreat

Friday June 8th to Sunday June 10th

(Friday evening at 6:30pm-Sunday evening at 5pm).

This weekend painting immersion is a great way to submerge yourself in your creative process and deepen your relationship to your intuitive voice and dialogue with your most powerful vision. Join other creative explorers in a nurturing and supportive environment that supports the awakening of your inner wisdom and true creative voice.



Come spend a full weekend all for you…to revive, self-nurture and reclaim forgotten vitality and passion! We will begin each morning grounding in movement and waking up the body.   Space is available for 12 painters.  For out of town guests, the historic Adam’s House a lovely Hyde Park B&B is located within walking distance of the studio as well as the Hyde Park Inn.

This creative discovery includes:

  • all materials and complimentary Hill Country Spring water + tea
  • over 20 hours of painting process & guidance
  • teachings on the creative process
  • morning movement to get the creative juices flowing
  • 3 delicious organic, gourmet & local meals: Saturday lunch & dinner and Sunday lunch catered by amazing local chef, Meg Schwartz of Spoon & Co
  • Massages available for a additional investment


Investment: For the entire weekend $650/ person. Includes all materials, meals and complimentary Hill Country Spring Water & tea. Beginners welcome!



thanks. giving. grace.

Masterminding in The Art of Entrepreneurship







It has been an enchanting kickoff to the holiday season!  Last week I had the joy of celebrating with the 5 gifted entrepreneurs that just completed the first annual creative mastermind of The Art of Entrepreneurship:  Transform your passion into prosperity.





It has been a wild ride of discover through this process since launching the first group last spring! What a gift to be able to share my vision of what I have learned about the creative process and what having an active imagination has taught me about


  • business
  • money
  • passion
  • and committing to authenticity


I am so grateful for this group of leaders and innovators who took a risk with me to experience this unique exploration together.  We completed our 6-month journey together last week and here is what a few of them had to say about the experience:



Claire taps into infinite Abundance through her creativity!



“My biggest breakthrough was with my relationship with money and really understanding that money is energy.  I changed my outlook coming from a place of scarcity to one of abundance, learning to see that money is everywhere just like energy is everywhere.  Through the exercises we did in our prosperity intensives around our relationship to Money I got past what was too scary about what I should earn… what I didn’t think I could earn. I worked through my money shadows that I didn’t know I had. I’ve shifted to where I don’t feel scared of money.  I don’t feel scared about talking about money or asking for money.  I’ve already began to put what I’ve learned into practice in my business. I realized that the more abundant I was the more I would be able to bless others. This was the first time I was able to see that my ability to create wealth was for the greater good.”

Claire Weber



Chris Elms of Elms Alchemy uses mindfulness, humor and body consciousness as a pathway to greater freedom.



“By encouraging a big vision, encouraging a big income and encouraging making a big difference I was able to discover and refine different ideas I had for myself in what I wanted to do.  I was prepared.  I took the figure of $22,000.00 per month (which is 10 times what I’m making some months) and realized that I could do that, I could make that.  The vision lightened up things and took the pressure off.  Now I know I can do it and can actually see over 5 different ways of how I can make more money. I got to redefine what abundance means to me. This mindset feels unique to me, powerful…useful.”


Chris Elms








Later in the week I had the lovely opportunity to host an intimate feast at my house with old and new friends.  Most people didn’t know each other which made it so engaging, fun, relaxed and festive. As someone who loves to cook and host a festive occasion for loved ones…I had intended that this holiday in particular be relaxed, fun, and drama-free.  And it was…full of grace AND magic.  The kind of magic that if you fully surrender and let go, grace just oozes in…and a divine flow takes over.


Gina Lamotte of EcoRise Youth Innovations empowers sustainability programs in schools



Afterward we went to friend and artist Roi James’s house for an intimate gathering. Roi is one of my favorite local painters…if you are in Austin go see his current exhibition up through Dec 10th.



I trust you all are in the flow of the season and it is from the fullness of my heart that I thank each of you for your support, love and inspiration that makes Fire Tree Studios able to burn so brightly.





Without a spark there is no flame…




with love & passion,





ignite your fire at the studio…




the art of creation:  intuitive painting saturday session

december 10, 2011

12pm – 4pm

guided by melissa d’antoni



Sara reveals meaning in her painting to others.


Spend an afternoon awakening and nourishing your creative spirit by immersing yourself in over three hours of exploration, expression, play and deep surrender.


The Saturday Art of Creation Intuitive Painting class welcomes continuing students and first time painters, providing a space to journey through barriers of old patterns and stagnant, less-than-serving beliefs that keep you from tapping into the internal well of creativity, power and life force energy that is within you.




  • investment:  $75 (inludes all materials and Hill Country spring water)
  • beginners welcome!
  • guided by melissa d’antoni




How to register?  Need more information?



  • Visit our website www.firetreestudios.com and sign up on our Schedule page via pay pal.
  • Call 512 524 0687 to use a credit card or pay by check or cash.
  • Email melissa@firetreestudios.com.
  • Click the register button below.







“make peace with money”

a saturday prosperity intensive in the art of entrepreneurship™


saturday, december 3rd, 2011

1pm – 4pm

guided by melissa d’antoni



A very special offer and incredible rare opportunity: Spend a Saturday in the studio for coaching, clarity and tailored inspiration to ignite your business!  This 3-Hour Prosperity Intensive session is for exploring your relationship with money and the boundaries associated with money that are present in your life.  Define what money is to you and its role in your vision.  Get a taste of the tools from The Art of Entrepreneurship Creative & Business Mastermind that are used to break through limitations that you place on your vision due to scarcity, fear and uncertainty. Gain insight into transforming your passion into prosperity to live the life of abundance that you seek. This Prosperity Intensive is also deepening work for continuing Art of Entrepreneurship participants as well as a opportunity to refer other entrepreneurs that you believe crave a transformation in their business.



Part visionary journey with paint, part mastermind experience;  you will create, envision, share, gain inspiration and find support in this 3-Hour intensive.



  • investment:  $40.00 – One-time Special Offer!
  • includes all materials and Hill Country spring water



3 Ways to register:

  1. Call the studio at 512 524 0687
  2. Email melissa@firetreestudios.com
  3. Sign up on our website via pay pal by clicking the button below (cash, checks & credit cards also accepted).




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