What’s your pleasure?



When you’re stuck and things are less than flowing…have you ever thought– ” This sucks, what would make me feel good?”


Actually I started feeling a bit of this when righting this blog post! I was like…OK I need to shift this cause I am starting to get anxious about my upcoming retreat this weekend and how we have two spaces left and I really want some wonderful woman to know how amazing this experience is and to gift it to herself!  I was all up in my head,  and began to stress about it then…bam!  I thought immediately…what is my pleasure?  What would feel really good to me right now?


I just returned from LA where I attend a women’s business immersion on The Feminine Art of Manifesting with Rose Cole and Gina Devee at the Huntley in Santa Monica.  It was part biz – part spiritual retreat- part healing the collective repressed feminine line in all of us.  And it was at a cool funky boutique hotel in Santa Monica.

Yes it was powerful.  Yes it was intense.  Breakthroughs were had by all.  Epiphanies transcended.  Love and light Reborn. Life long connections and collaborations were made.  And yet the question of the weekend was what is your pleasure…?  Do you have enough pleasure in your life?  Are you connected to joy and beauty and FLOW? As a women entrepreneur this is a whole new way of doing business.  It aint’ the way of the past where it was all about action, sweat and tears with little strategy and vision and the most important ingredient:  JOY!

Themes that showed up for most of us were around what blocks us from manifesting joy to giving permission to live in our hearts true desire.  Such as believing we aren’t worthy to have what we truly want, family patterns and karma, LB’s (limiting beliefs) that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns of fear and self-sabotage learning to receive deeply and trust in the Creative Source at a much deeper level, when you are creating a much bigger life.


What I loved so much about being with these wonderful powerful women healers, teachers, and coaches from around the world is that we are all facing the same dance with our unconscious mind, learning to re-program our thinking and lead with our hearts so we may learn to evolve ourselves and support the evolution of others to we can create a better place for us, our children and all living things on this planet.


And to think…it all starts with pleasure and permission, allow yourself to receive the joy, beautify and juiciness that life and love have to offer.


We still have two spaces left for the Wild Woman retreat this weekend.  Give yourself permission to explore what pleases you.  What feels good.  Go ahead.  You’re worth it.





trade your expectations for appreciation.


“Trade your expectation for your appreciation and your whole world changes with it.”

-Bishop TD Jakes


I heard this one night on Oprah’s life Class and then reality sunk in.  I got the lesson in a deep way. It was if my internal radar was scanning all my life experiences for which this teaching could apply and bingo. It came to launching my video interview series for The Art of Entrepreneurship: a dialogue on the intersection between business and creativity.  My intention was to talk with with several of my mentors who had inspired me in my business and share this with my tribe to support the launch of The Art of Entrepreneurship Creative MBA Program. And none of it turned out the way I had expected. The VA I had supporting me recommended an innovative video conference recording software for me to use that for whatever reason—-did not record my first interview which was with SETH GODIN!  I had the opportunity to interview him…and then the technology didn’t work.  UGH. I felt frustrated and unsupported on one hand, and then on the other I completely let go.



I was like well— this is what happened AND I have many options of how to deal with it. I was invited to surrender and let go.  Here I had an incredible opportunity and it didn’t manifest how I thought it would.  When I shifted my perspective to what I appreciated about the interview…that is where the magic appeared.  I realized:  I had the opportunity to record a 45 minute interview with Seth Godin on Video Conference!  How cool is that? Although the main interview didn’t record I learned a tremendous amount from this maverick movement leader and I was grateful for the opportunity.  The raw, hyper authentic test recording we did prior did record.  Here I ask him a marketing question about these interviews specifically. Watch here and see what advice he gave me, that felt true to my core.. I asked him all sorts of questions about entrepreneurship and creativity, the lizard brain and his own personal path.  One of the key nuggets he is known for sharing is around failure and the entrepreneurial path. Fail often and faster…meaning notice, reap the lessons and get back out on the horse from this newer wiser place.


Next up– I did another interview with Joe McCambley, co-founder of The Wonder Factor in NYC — one of my first mentors and someone who has so much passion, vision and creativity that he has inspired me ever since I met him.  He just has the most fun doing what he loves. I had the opportunity to work with Joe back in my marketing days and I was like I want to do that.  Have fun. Do what you love.  Make and impact AND make money.  And the technology didn’t work for the 45 minute recording this time either. Double F@#$*! Another magical interview and no-one experienced it but me and Joe.  Again when I focused on my appreciation on the interview experience (where he shared so much wisdom with me) I became immensely grateful to have personal access to such incredible mentors.


So where can you shift your perspective in this moment from expectation to appreciation? Where can you open up to receive the gifts that are abundantly coming our way if we just open our eyes to appreciation of what is and let go of trying to control what and how we think life should show up for us.  What would life be if it everything manifested as planned any way?  You got it….BORING. PREDICTABLE.  Where would the mystery be?  Where are you creating the space for surprise and delight?


Take something that you are expecting and turn it around to see the gifts that ARE there for you and see how it allows you to open up to experience what you never dreamed is possible.  Let me know in the comments below or drop me a line. I would love to hear from you!


Oh and you can watch all the videos in The Art Of Entrepreneurship series on our  newly updated YouTube channel with new channels including Creativity Tips and How tos and Fiery Hot Testimonials of what it is like to work with me and in the studio.


Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend!

with love + passion + creativity,

PS.  Welcome to all of our new subscribers!  I am delighted to have the opportunity to connect with each of you and if there is any way that I may support your process of awakening to your full potential, please let me know.





Summer Weekend Intuitive Painting Retreat

Friday June 8th – Sunday 10th

This weekend painting immersion is a great way to submerge yourself in your creative process and deepen your relationship to your intuitive voice. Join other creative explorers in a nurturing and supportive environment that supports the awakening of your authentic self and true creative voice.

Investment Includes meals and all materials.






  • Investment: $ 600


3 Ways to register:

  1. Call the studio at 512 524 0687
  2. Email melissa{at}firetreestudios{dot}com
  3. Sign up on our website via pay pal by clicking the button below (cash, checks & credit cards also accepted).




The Art of Creation: Intuitive Painting

6-Week Session with Melissa + Valerie


Every Wednesday beginning June 13th *no class on July 4th*


Tap in and engage with your innate sense of creativity, and venture into the mysterious worlds of the soul and spirit as you unleash your imagination through paint and paper. Give yourself permission to play, to be curious… to go bravely into the unknown. Learn to trust your intuition and inner guidance to lead you safely to your essential Self, as you are safely held and supported in a sacred space, free of all judgment and criticism. Discover your authentic self-expression and reclaim your personal power!




  • Investment: $ 330


3 Ways to register:

  1. Call the studio at 512 524 0687
  2. Email melissa{at}firetreestudios{dot}com
  3. Sign up on our website via pay pal by clicking the button below (cash, checks & credit cards also accepted).


how to leverage your creativity to fuel your expanding business.

I just finished facilitating a session for RISE Austin 2010 a summit for entrepreneurs and I am fired up! We had a full house/studio and a lively discussion on the intersect between creativity and business and I am blazing with creative mojo!

AND I just realized that this will be the last event held at the location at my house. <How appropriate was the title for the final class at this location? Create or Die:  The Art of Entrepreneurship.  How to Leverage your Creativity to Fuel your Expanding Business…?!!!>

Fire Tree Studios is ready to launch!

The session was such a success and I was so inspired by people and their stories and their passion that I felt compelled to share the framework for our discussion…Enjoy!

We are all innately creative.

FEED YOUR SELF with a regular diet of pure creative expression:  drawing, painting, writing, singing, movement/dance, drama, photography, music, sculpture, etc.

  • Creativity is our Source of Passion, Life Force, Power and Potential
  • Our relationship with our business is a direct reflection of our relationship to our self …and our Creativity/Life Force/Power/Passion
  • Make your creative life a priority of self-care.  It is just as important as book-keeping.
  • Mix it up!   Intermodal Creativity—> cross pollinates.
  • Experiment & Take risks
  • Play & Have FUN!!!!

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.”

– Joseph Chilton Pearce

Embrace the Paradox: Centered Chaos.

  • Quiet Mind:  Creativity flourishes in a calm, relaxed, mind. Meditation practice, focusing, observing our thoughts.
    1. Patience
    2. Clarity
    3. Focus
    4. Calmness
    5. Insight
    6. Perspective
  • Flower in the Chaos: change & transformation are the fuel of creative flow & growth

Creativity & Expansion requires taming the voice of resistance….the inner critic. …or what Seth Godin calls, ‘The Lizard Brain’ in his latest book, Linchpin. Michele Cassou calls it The Dragon of fear in her book, Point Zero: Creativity without Limits.

Leverage ‘mistakes’ as the center of the creative vortex and an opportunity to change direction and discover endless possibility.

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

– Joseph Chilton Pearce

Entrepreneurship is an Art. Your business is an active creative process that is ALIVE.

Dialogue with your business.  What does it have to tell you?  What do you want to tell it?

Integrating the Right and Left Brain for an experience of full brain power and wholeness

(another great book on this by my friend Dianna Amorde, Aha Moments: Where Intuition and Intellect Collide.)

  • Creativity + Structure = Freedom
  • The birth of The Fire Tree Method™: the creative vortex, where spirit and form collide. Structure acts as a catalyst to bounce off of— a corral for creativity to interact, experience, dance, play and discover and actualize.
  • Co-Creation & Visioning
  • Focused Intentions
  • Inspired Action for Manifestation

the art of entrepreneurship.

As entrepreneurs we are inherently creative visionaries. How do we stay alert to and feed our creative fire while in the midst of the natural ebb and flow of growing a business and becoming profitable?

The creative process is inherently changing and this force is active and alive in ourselves and in our business, how do we leverage this force within without succumbing to fear or criticism which can often sabotage our passion and innovation?

How and when do we trust our intuitive creative right-brains to evolve our experience and ride the edge of innovation without abandoning our rational left-brain intellect? Lots of people choose to ride the waves of the entrepreneurial roller coaster…why do only some continue the ride? What makes us successful?

These questions and many more around the intersect of creativity and entrepreneurship will be the foundation of our discussion, as well as a creative experience that will get will connect us to our creative genius.

Become familiar with creative resources to keep you inspired. Learn why committing to an active creative life will keep your creative mojo in flow and be the foundation of your expanding business.

Please join me at the complimentary session RISE ’10 Series for Entrepreneurs in Austin this Friday, March 5th at 2pm, for a lively discussion and experiential creative process on The Art of Entrepreneurship (session just added!)Register here.