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The Abundant Creative II: Ignite Your Creative Power, Change your Money Story & End The Starving Artist Myth Forever.

March 27, 2017 @ 8:00 am - April 17, 2017 @ 5:00 pm


It has been a few years since I have taught this course and I  am so excited to offer this incredible journey with money for creatives & healers once again.  Nothing more has supported me in my business than clearing, healing, unleveling and focusing on my relationship with money.  And as one of my mentors use to say, ‘if you are in business, you are going to need, MONEY!  No money, no mission!  So get friendly with money, and clear out all the negative toxic beliefs, patterns and associates so it can be used and as energetic tool in your life to support your passion and purpose in the world.  If not, you truly aren’t in business but have a very expensive hobby!’

If you are reading this now, you are most likely on a path of creative awakening.  Meaning, you are called to awaken to the truth of your creative power and potential in this lifetime as a conscious creator.  The truth is we create our own wealth as we realize the worth of our creative gifts, from the inside out.  Money is not a representation of your worth as our mainstream culture will have you believe, yet it is a creation tool and a medium that you can master, have fun and get creative with!  Our physical resources grow when we master certain spiritual laws through the act of embodiment.  That is why I love the creative process as a tool for personal growth and transformation and teaching entrepreneurship, because experiencing a truth grounds our understanding in the physical, which means quick, deep long lasting results almost immediately!


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE :  I promise to make these next 4 weeks fun, mind and heart blowing, and full of breakthroughs and if you don’t feel like you received the value of your investment I will offer your payment for the course back as a guarantee.  (*In order to receive your money back you must show up and attend all calls and do all assignments).  I get that you have concerns about taking a course and without having the lasting results you want, and I am willing to take a stand for you! If you show up and do the work you will see measurable results at the end of this course.  And you MUST take action daily.



Calls will be recorded and will begin on Monday, March 27th at 4pm CST for 90 minutes (60 minutes of course and 30 minutes of live laser coaching and Q&A).  You do not have to be on the live calls to receive benefits however prioritizing these calls makes it easy for you to receive the MOST benefit and support.  Please have some creative supplies ( your choice although I always recommend painting, or watercolors because of the flow it provides)


Our COURSE outline will be as follows:

  • Monday, March 27th we will focus on MONEY, our relationship to it.  How we define it and any baggage we are carrying around money.
  • Monday April 3rd, we will focus on MESSAGES.  What are the messages we have received and give around money currently? What needs to change?
  • Monday April 10th we will focus on MINDSET.  What is the healthy money mindset needed to support your creative flow?  Where do you still need to weed your garden.  What we think about comes about, so let’s create an empowering mindset for you, setting you up for success with money in your life.
  • Monday April 17th we will focus on MEANING.  Find out why passion and purpose are essential for magnetizing resources and creating wealth and well being from the inside out.  Without your true authentic heartfelt desire you are missing the fuel and structure to corral your passion into tangible prosperity
  • *Plus a Surprise Bonus call*


Your $333 investment in The Abundant Creative Course includes:

  • Total 5 coaching & Training calls which include tangible creative experiences to ground your knowledge and support integration
  • The Abundant Creative II Guide Book
  • Access to a private forum on Creating Abundance
  • Access to the previous online course:  The Abundant Creative 1.



Want an installment plan? Click here for 2 payments of $185, one now and one in two weeks for a total of $370.












March 27, 2017 @ 8:00 am
April 17, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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