A Firey Hot Love Letter to My Clients.

Love is like a friendship caught on fire.  In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

- Bruce Lee

Today I wrote a love letter to those of you brave to enter the client kingdom of creative transformation that is Fire Tree Studios.  After 10 years of coaching, mentoring, teaching, facilitating and training clients and students I have evolved the most effective way to engage with me at Fire Tree… and to get the very best of me and what the Fire Tree Method has to offer.

This letter is also inspired by my longtime mentor, Dorothy Divack, my work with Randi Buckley in her incredible course, Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.   Her next session starts Friday!  (to listen to my interview with her on Fire Tree LIVE click here) And also Leoni Dawson’s brilliant blog post on How Not to Get Fired as My Client which I found equally hilarious… as inspiring.

Please know that this love letter’s purpose is to serve you in the highest loving context and comes from the depths of my heart and soul and will be required reading for all current and future clients in any of my programs:

Dear Creative Wise Wo/man,Music-Girl-First-Love-Fire-Wallpaper

I am so excited to begin our collaboration!  Our relationship is undoubtedly a divine appointment and I want you to know that I hold it as sacred, creative, life changing work.  We will move mountains together.  We will open ourselves up to create miracles. We will transverse through transformative creative fires and into the alchemical gold that is our potential, together.  Please know that I whole-heartedly support you in claiming your authentic truth, power, vision and dreams.

I invite you to read and agree to the following guidelines as how to best make use of collaboration and work together.  Feel into each one with your heart, mind, and body.  Let them enter every cell of your being like a prayer and sacred intention that guides you into your deeper knowing.

  • Be willing and courageous to look beyond your excuses.  They are what hold us back and keep you ‘safe’ and sometimes stuck, in your current expression and comfort zone. If you want to evolve into your next level of growth, please be willing to gently be curious about your resistance and what is no longer serving you now.
  • Be brave and willing to feel all of your feelings (the juice of your transformative fire) and breath through any discomfort to experience release and relief, let old baggage go and open yourself up to joy.
  • Be fully willing to commit, implement and take action on all coaching opportunities guidance, tools and experiences. I am showing up fully to meet you in the most powerful way. My heartfelt desire is for you to meet me there too.  I will refrain from chasing you down for missed appointments, payments or other commitments.  You will get one notification from me or someone on my team. If you are unable to respond within 24 hours our agreement will go into termination.  This may seem severe and it is necessary as I hold your success (as you definite it) as very very severe.
  • Be on time to all scheduled sessions and retreats.  This is for you.  This honors you and me and our commitment together (and the group if applicable).  Of course there is always room for flexibility if needed and what is good for you is often good for me too. I honor flow.  Please keep in mind, if this feels like it becomes a pattern; please know that I will address it with honesty and compassion.
  • Desire to be self-accountable to all of our agreements and communicate or re-negotiate when an agreement can not be honored.  Agreements are designed to support you in thriving in your optimum potential. They also honor my needs so you get the very best of me and my work.
  •  Please honor all of your financial commitments and timelines with me.  This is a testament to your purpose, intentions and priorities and our agreement is the container for your transformation.  They are like guideposts holding you accountable to your vision.  Honor this structure and it honors you, the investment is eternal.  Trust me on this.
  • You are responsible for the energy you bring to this experience.  If you feel that this investment is going to gift you some miracle cure you are grossly mistaken.  This will challenge every cell of your being to grow into the woman that you are destined to be.  It is my sacred honor and grateful heart to support you on this journey.  You will get out of it, what you consistently put into it.  The clients that receive the most benefit make our work together a daily priority.
  • Please be kind and compassionate with yourself.  Our conscious collaboration and relationship exchange is re-wiring your experience of relationship on a cellular level.   This will root within you a foundation for equal relationship in all of your life’s relationships.  It requires honesty with yourself and me ( and my honesty to you) so please be kind and extra gentle within yourself as we navigate and birth a new way of being…together.  This will open and expand your heart to hold a love within and without greater than you have ever known. I guarantee it.
  • Please be kind and compassionate with me and everyone on my team or in our group if this applies.  As we move through blocks, unprocessed emotions, dis-empowered thoughts and feelings there can be a tendency to want to project this on to our relationship or others.  This urge is totally normal.  Reactive behavior is not. If this does come up for you, let’s talk about it.  It is a sacred gateway and if used consciously can provide an incredible opening into your greater expression of Self.
  • You are responsible for your experience and results. If you feel you are lacking something from me or need something I have yet to provide, it is up to you to speak up and ask for it.  This space is for you to empower your own voice. Although I am very intuitive, I also leave ample space for you to intuit your own needs and desires in order to be fully self-responsible and step into your full power and potential.
  • The Creative Process is active, alive and leads in our work together.  This lends itself to a very dynamic and engaging experience where you will learn to trust yourself, the Creative Life Force and Divine nature of all things.  The Fire Tree Method is a framework that guides our process and yet the Creative Life Force leads.  It keeps our focus on the power and potential in the present moment and life becomes an active ingredient in our mutual transformation.
  • Email is always the best way to communicate with me.  Please know that I will get back to you within 24-48hrs. And sometimes I will be unable to respond to every email. Please know that I read them all, so if you need to send and email update for pure processing and sacred witnessing, know that I *see* you. If you need immediate assistance or request a fire session as offered in our agreement, please call 512.524.0687.
  • I am unable to tolerate negativity or abuse in my life or business.  I am unable to work with people who throw bombs or any negative energy toward me.  If you show up in this way, I will be unable to continue our work together and your agreement with me will be terminated without a refund.  I am unable to engage with toxic behaviors of any kind and will gracefully remove it from my Universe.  My intention is to create a safe, loving space that fosters creativity, full-self expression, and the expansion of consciousness, abundance and self-empowerment FOR ALL. If you resonate with this, great—let’s party. If not, my apologies we are not a fit at this time.
  • I am a very wise, creative, compassionate loving intuitive guide and facilitator with years of training, experience and my own personal spiritual awakening.  While I am a trained psychotherapist, I am not your therapist or your mother …or father.  We may strengthen your inner team during our work together on the road through spiritual, psychological and emotional maturity and it is your job to grow this within yourself and get additional support if needed. I have a ton of referrals of great folks and a team of people that support me.  Just ask.
  • Please refrain from copying my work. Thrilled that it inspires you, and if you want to share with your peeps, please quote and reference me in full creative copyright ethics.  Practice good creative Karma.  Honor your own divine creativity, abundance—that eternal source-full creative well of yours. I know you have big things to create, let me support you in that.  Or enroll in my training program and license The Fire Tree Method curriculum. You don’t have to re-create the wheel can gain the experiential knowing, training, freedom and license to express it in your own YOUnique way.  Join our team and inner circle.  We are transforming the world one paint stroke at a time.
  • If this resonates with you, at this time –wonderful lets create magic and miracles.  IF not, that is OK too.  I love you anyway.  I trust that if it does…we are destined to collaborate and be/do/create great things in this lovely world together.

If you agree to these guidelines, I guarantee our work together will be profound and the most crucial investment of time, money and energy of your life.

Let’s rock it together and set the world a flame.

With love, appreciation and deepest respect,

p.s. If this letter inspires you to rock it!  Let’s jam. I am currently opening my private mentoring practice to take on a few aligned clients.  And offering a Spring Special for 6 introductory sessions through May 1st.  Contact me for further inquiry.  512.524.0687.

getting to I do.


A "Wild Woman" celebrating commitment to Self






“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.”






What is it going to take for you to fully commit and take action?



A client of mine at this past weekend’s Wild Women’s Intuitive Painting Retreat shared a book with me that she wanted to burn in our campfire. She said, “I am done with this book,  ‘Getting to I Do.’  I am going to focus on loving myself first–I am my happy ending!”


I felt this was profound.  Not just her proclamation of self-love and reverence but also of holding herself fully responsible for her own happiness. In that sense I found the book had made its impact. It might not have been the immediate result that she was ultimately seeking when she picked up the book – which was to get married – yet the result was one far greater than she could have realized at that point.  The result was fully committing to herself.


Inside the art barn of creativity at the Wild Women's Retreat


So then ‘Getting to I Do’, takes on a whole other meaning.  It spoke to me and I see it in my own journey and in those of my clients…what does it take to get to I do? To marry yourSelf? What does it take for you to commit to yourself? Your dream? Vision? Creativity? Partnership? …Your Passion?


Dreams, visions and desires are all nice. I will be the first to claim myself as a dreamer with a vivid imagination.  However, Champagne dreams are just clouds in the ether unless you fully commit to manifest them thoroughly.


Are you willing to get to I do, by taking the journey to what you want?




with love, creativity & commitment,




get down to IT and DO IT!  Join us in the studio




saturdays in the studio

december 10, 2011

12pm – 4pm

(last saturday session of 2011)



Phyllis expresses her feelings through paint


Spend an afternoon awakening and nourishing your creative spirit by immersing yourself in over three hours of exploration, expression, play and deep surrender.


The Saturday Visionary Painting class welcomes continuing students and first time painters, providing a space to journey through barriers of old patterns and stagnant, less-than-serving beliefs that keep you from tapping into the internal well of creativity, power and life force energy that is within you.




  • investment:  $75 (inludes all materials and Hill Country spring water)
  • beginners welcome!
  • guided by melissa d’antoni





How to register?  Need more information?



  • Visit our website www.firetreestudios.com and sign up on our Schedule page via pay pal.
  • Call 512 524 0687 to use a credit card or pay by check or cash.
  • Email melissa@firetreestudios.com.
  • Click the register button below.





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make a decision.

Learning to trust your self to make healthy decisions that support your growth and evolution is a valuable skill, yes?

The painting process has taught me how to listen to my intuition and inner guidance and how to honor what is in alignment with my fullest expression in the world.


I just returned from Sedona where I joined my business mentor and coach along with a group of 35 soulful entrepreneurs from around the world.  It was truly inspiring to connect with such a powerful and passionate group of women and men.  We spoke a lot about the power of making a decision and then taking action.  All you need to know is the next step.  When we create space to quiet our minds and listen, we can be more available to receiving our clarity.  Trust your gut–to take your life, business and self-expression to the next level. Committing yourself to your next best step.


When we make a leap and commit to growth, it is some times uncomfortable as we leap into the unknown….think about grass that is sprouting from the earth…it is bursting through the earths crust in order to share its beauty and gift of life with the world. Our growth process is similar, some times we must break new ground and really stretch ourselves to live and create optimally.


I had such a powerful experience that I was guided to another decision to invest in the highest level of committed soulful entrepreneurial masterminds.  I am so grateful to have found my tribe, lead by such a powerful coach and mentor.  It was easy to make the decision because I trust myself

and my intuition whole-heartledly.   Even if I am unsure of how it is all going to play out…I have learned over the years, that investing in myself, my creativity and in my dreams is the best investment I can make.

Ready to learn how painting affects how you make powerful decisions? A fun and insightful exploration!  There is a 4-week class that begins this Monday in the studio.  And the Winter Weekend Painting retreat at Fire Tree Studios is almost full.  Details below.


I look forward to seeing you in the studio!


with love, peace and creativity,



THE PAINTING LAB: 4 week session

Rediscover the joy of spontaneous expression!

Monday Evenings in February


$220 investment includes all materials and complimentary tea & Hill Country Spring Water.



This weekend painting immersion is a great way to submerge yourself in your creative process and deepen your relationship to your intuitive voice. Join other creative explorers

in a nurturing and supportive environment that supports the awakening of your authentic self and true creative voice.

February 25-27

Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 10am-5pm

$500 investment includes meals catered by local chef, Meg Schwartz of Spoon & Co.,all materials and complimentary tea & Hill Country Spring Water.