happy solstice. the light returns.

Waking up at El Cosmico in Marfa, TX on Solstice morn was a bit spontaneous, magical and completely coincidental. An adventure my friend Robin Kelley, a creative force behind El Cosmico and many of Liz Lambert’s (an Austin trailblazer/hotelier whose genius is in designing creative experiences/organic spaces) ventures, set out to take as a pilgrimage of sorts….For me… primarily, to scope out Marfa and the logistics of El Cosmico as a future process painting retreat and to also rejuvenate, renew and vision for 2010.












I woke up with the sun rising, a rarity, and the subtle reminder of the true meaning of Winter Solstice — the birth of the light.


Instantly lit up and energized with creative juice, I set up space in my refurbished Airstream appropriately named “The Vagabond” and prepared to camp out for some serious inspiration and travel via the creative vortex…

As the sun fully birthed itself and things started to heat up inside my creative cocoon — I decided to set up camp outside on one of El Cosmico’s yard platforms which I christened as my outdoor creative sanctuary and I am diving back in…


Where do you take time out for your creative process, for self-sanctuary, visioning and connection?

Make 2010 the year you commit to creating the space – sign up for the Fire Tree Method Visioning Workshop in January or dive into your creative process with a painting class in a community of support here at the studio.

Happy Solstice and remember to celebrate the return of the light — the creative light force active and alive in your life.

With love, peace and abundant creativity,


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