We provide sacred creative spaces devoted to surprise and delight you…to stretch your imagination to what is possible in your art, business and life. We approach creativity, self-expression and entrepreneurship with fiery passion and rooted practicality.


We thrive on catalyzing personal and professional breakthroughs by shifting limiting beliefs and creative ‘blocks’ of the conditioned mind so that you may thrive in a life of your design.


The Fire Tree Method® approach is a unique guide to whole-istic integration of the right & left brain full-body, full mind, full spirit approach to the creative process. We are unabashedly passionate about personal, professional freedom and realize this level of freedom requires a deep respect for vision, purpose, system, structure + raw authentic self-expression.  We value creativity, imagination, collaboration and cooperation.


Through this perspective we inspire authentic creative self-expression and self-empowerment as a path to achieving personal & professional freedom.


Our intuitive creativity studio located in Austin, TX, our classes, retreats, Ignite your Life + Business Program, The Phoenix Rising Experience, The Art of Entrepreneurship,™ Program + The Creative Catalyst Training –a facilitator and coach training —and both of these hi-level trainings combined in a 2-year mastery program– The Creative Catalyst MBA— all inspire vision, awakened passion, and development of Self trust to transform vision into reality.


My personal commitment to you.


If YOU make the requested investment in – and commitment to – yourself and the offerings at Fire Tree Studios, here’s what you can anticipate from me:


I WILL . . .


DARE YOU to see your authentic self and be more than you dare to believe you can be.


MENTOR YOU along the path to discovering, embracing and living your truth to your fullest potential.


CHALLENGE YOU to learn to willingly enter the intense fire of the crucible of transformation, to embrace discomfort, recognize its value and use it to ignite  you to break through limitations.


INSPIRE YOU to connect to – and believe in – your unlimited power and highest potential.


TEACH YOU the keys to unleashing and claiming your personal power.


GIVE YOU the tools, support, environment, sacred witnessing and encouragement to LIVE YOUR BIG DREAM!


I look forward to seeing you in the studio!


Melissa D’Antoni Founder + Director

With love + passion + unabashed creativity…


Founder + Director + Master Creative Catalyst


 ”Love your work Melissa. Really inspiring.”

~Deepak Chopra




“My biggest breakthrough was with my relationship with money and really understanding that money is energy. I changed my outlook coming from a place of scarcity to one of abundance, learning to see that money is everywhere just like energy is everywhere. Through the exercises we did in our prosperity intensives around our relationship to Money I got past what was too scary about what I should earn… what I didn’t think I could earn. I worked through my money shadows that I didn’t know I had. I’ve shifted to where I don’t feel scared of money. I don’t feel scared about talking about money or asking for money. I’ve already began to put what I’ve learned into practice in my business. I realized that the more abundant I am the more I would be able to bless others. This was the first time I was able to see that my ability to create wealth was for the greater good.”

- Claire Weber, The Art of Entrepreneurship Business & Creative Mastermind




“Coming back around to this retreat has shown me how much work I’ve done through the Fire Tree Method this year and was good timing for continuing integration.”

- Brandy Gibbs, Fine Home Dining, Art of Entrepreneurship Personal Retreat Day




“I feel this was an incredibly powerful week for painting at the lovely Martha’s Vineyard Flat Bottom Pond. The dynamic energy of this intimate group allowed me to fully step into my process and continue my journey into the unknown, with paint brush in hand. I am truly grateful for the experience, to Melissa, and to each and every participant who made this such and incredibly rich and transformative experience!”

- Valerie Guettler, Martha’s Vineyard Intuitive Painting Retreat




My relationship with Melissa and the Fire Tree Method has taught me the incredible gift of trusting my own internal guidance, recognizing my resistance and acting upon my own clarity. Through our relationship I have learned the gift of authentic and honest communication, holding strong boundaries both professional and personal, and speaking my truth in love whilst releasing the outcome irrespective of the fear welling inside.”

- Rebecca Knaggs, Certified Facilitator in The Fire Tree Method



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